Julien Marie

About Julien

Born on skis!

Raised in the south-east of France, he went to the Pyrenees after high school to study kinesiology in Font-Romeu. There, he got the opportunity to join the freestyle Rossignol skiing team. Over time, and under the influence of other students at his university, he improved quickly in other mountaineering fields, such as freeriding (through the corridors of the Pyrenees), ski touring and rock climbing in Catalonia.

After getting his master's in 2004, Julien came to the Ecrins, where he still lives and works today. He speaks fluent English, and has graduated as a guide in 2013, after having his three children.

In the summer, he guides actively for the office of Serre-Chevallier, both in the Ecrins and in the Mont-Blanc range, or abroad, as he likes expeditions in Nepal. During the winter, Julien mostly guides in La Grave for K2’s Skierslodge , and also runs a few programs for Powder Guides.

He loves the opportunity that his job gives him to travel to unknown destinations for skiing or climbing. Sharing his passion for mountaineering, but also showing freeriders unexpected runs, are central in Julien’s life.

He says he has too many dreams for one single life. What are they? You just need to ask when you go on a trip with him…

"Faiseur de rêve" is the definition Julien gives to anyone who asks him what a mountain guide is. A dream maker, who helps you improve your skills in the mountains, and make your dreams come true.

Julien is an atlete by K2skis