Francois Lombard

About Babar

Babar is the nickname he received as a child at school. And now all his friends know who this word refers to. He was born and raised in L'Argentière-la-Bessée and has had the privilege to grow up in the Ecrins mountain range.

As a teenager, he climbed A LOT, both in the mountains with his uncle or on cliffs with his friends in the valley. No matter the weather, he was always outside. He remained unknown from the top level climbing world until he participated in an international climbing competition in the US, which he won. Thanks to this, he got sponsored, and thus could travel around the world to rock climb. He became world champion in 1994 and 1995, and is for sure an athlete which the Hautes-Alpes can be proud of.

Later on, he moved to other activities, such as mountaineering and ice climbing. He quickly got to a very high level in ice climbing, and also took part in expeditions to the Andes and Himalayas. He became a mountain guide the same year as Martijn did, and is also an internationally certified ski and snowboard instructor.
Considered as an icon of the region, he is often involved in organizing sport events and international competitions. He supervises, on behalf of the Centre de formation, talented climbers and skiers who are preparing to become mountain guides.

In 2006, on his way to the Ecrins with some guests, he met by chance Martijn. They got along very quickly, and immediately started working together.
Babar is not only a pleasant climber who has sold his heart to the mountains. He is also a wonderful dynamic person and a real enjoyment on skis.

Babar, an internationally oriented French man with a great sense of efficiency, and a big enthusiasm for the mountains.

François is an atlete by Petzl