Damien Fontaine

about Damien

As he says himself, he was born not once, but twice. The first time was in Paris, in the year 1975. With a passionate father for ocean sailing, Damien spent more time in his teens looking at the beautiful coastlines from a sailing boat than the bird's-eye view of the planet that a young skier or mountaineer would have. The Norwegian fjords, the Bay of Biscay, the crossing of the North Sea. It was special to have seen the world in plan as a child. Dynamic, yet different.

Since his studies in business administration and the few years in finance, he has always looked forward to his sparse spare time. Especially while traveling in Patagonia and the Himalayas, he discovered that the attraction of the mountains was going to influence his life. The hunger for mountain adventure was no longer easy to satisfy. So much tough that "the office chair" became a mental torment. At one point, during an excruciatingly slow car ride back home from the Alps, his true renaissance came out of the blue. The way of living had to change radically. As quickly as possible! With that decision, Damien immediately felt reborn ...

He quickly learned to ski better, went ice climbing frozen waterfalls for the first time and discovered mountaineering with his new fellows. The pleasure of discovering the mountain world together with them was impossible to describe. His whole life now revolved around the mountains and he quickly obtained his diploma as an international mountain leader (accompagnateur de moyenne montagne). Once he moved to Saint Crépin in the Hautes-Alpes, he trained harder and harder for many years to become a mountain guide. Since 2017 he proudly wears the medal on his chest. His urban life, together with his wife and son has definitely changed 180 degrees.

Damien, always calm and solid, understands how special the mountains are for people who can only get there during the sparse spare time! He speaks fluently English and certainly enjoys every beautiful run through the powder as much as any enthusiastic PowderGuides participant!