Clement Mounier

About Clément

"Touché par la grâce à la naissance celeste". Touched by grace on his birth.

These words would probably best describe Clément. He has a natural talent for every sport he tries.

Born in Lyon in 1981, he grew up in a mountain-oriented family. He got fed as a kid with climbing, mountaineering and skiing. His father took him and his older brother Mathieu early on to the great peaks of the Ecrins. For his tenth birthday, he got to climb the Barre des Ecrins as a present and, at the age of thirteen, he traversed the Pic de la Meije above La Grave. The fact that he climbed, when he was fifteen, Salathé and the Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite with his father, reveals his unique talent.

Clément has been living in Briançon since 2005. There, he started as a certified ski instructor. By seeing his beautiful ski style and back flips you would think he is a rodeo specialist. Like Babar and Pierre, he works as a trainer for future mountain guides.

He is also a Salomon pro-rider, and therefore sometimes participates in special skiing events.

Clément has his head screwed on right, and he will equally enjoy a nice tour in Queyras or a beginner off-piste course.
He speaks fluent English, has three small children and a lovely Irish wife.

Clément is a talented guy with an obsession for sports. Although he loves climbing and freeriding at a high level, he can also go crazy on a skateboard through the streets of Briançon or surfing on the sea.

Clément is an atlete by Salomon