Arthur Dauban

About arthur

Arthur spent all his skiing and mountaineering holidays with his family in the Hautes-Alpes. As a child, he used to look at the mountains as a playground, and to look for good off-piste lines between the slopes and trees.

At the age of eighteen, he courageously decided to follow his heart, and therefore did not go work behind a desk after high school, but rather kept going out in the mountains, with the will to become a mountain guide.

After he finished his education in the summer of 2015 he’s now the youngest PowderGuide.

For Arthur it is as a childsdream come true, this is what he wants to be and this is how he wants to live. An adventurist with a life in the mountains. His passion is contagious for everybody who is going into the mountains with him.

Arthur, born in 1989 is the youngest guide in the team of PowderGuides. Living the life he want’s to live, on the waves of the ocean or in the deep slopes in the snow, it's this habitat were he can feel the freedom of life.